An Architect Who Understands Design Integrity AND Budgets

I am a residential designer and finding an architect who not only understands design integrity AND budgets is hard. Eric is the perfect combination of this and constantly comes up with structural design and details solutions. He keeps his client’s in the know and knows how to work smart! His projects range from additions to whole house remodels. His plans are detailed and even show a 3-D renderings of the house from the outside to framing details. They are easy to read and he is quite successful at fast turn around for permits. If you live in the greater Seattle area and need an architect, look no further! I promise your experience will be a great one.

-Rochele Allison

His designs were clean and made great use of space

We originally brought Eric in to propose some designs for a remodel of the second floor of our early 1900s home. His designs were clean and made great use of space: Our 3 bedroom (all on second floor) 1 bath (on first floor) house became 3 bedrooms 3 baths, including a very spacious and comfortable master suite. Eric was open to recommendations and ideas, leading to an effective design that really worked for us. Furthermore, his contractor recommendations were very effective. He worked well with the general contractor. He was always on time with plans and permits, which was especially helpful for us as first time remodelers. Although we exceeded our budget, that was not Eric’s fault. We decided to do more remodeling than we had originally intended. I think he did a good job of designing for our budget. Note that we made most of the interior design choices ourselves, relying on Eric primarily for space design and structural usage, so we can’t comment on his interior design skills. This is not a complaint, just a disclosure. We’ve been living in the remodeled space for a few years now and are really happy with the results — it’ll be really tough to find a new home with a master suite as nice as the one we have now.

-Greenwood Brush-up

Eric Gedney is a brilliant architect.

We couldn’t be happier with his work, and we have greatly enjoyed working with him over the past year. We interviewed several architects before beginning our project. Eric began the process by coming out to the house, surveying the property, and talking to us in depth about our project. Eric had us complete a survey, walked us through the process of design and build stages and phases, listened carefully to what we wanted, and created a three dimensional visualization of the project. We wanted a modern design with green materials. I was surprised by how well Eric listened to us and how open he was to receiving feedback. He did a great job communicating and accurately set expectations up front about how to balance out requirements of quality, time, and budget for this major project. He recommended a few builders. We assembled bids from some of his contacts and some others. Eric recommended an interior designer, Roshele Allison / NW Home Designers, who is also amazingly talented. We assembled a great team of architect, designer, and builders who knew each other and worked very well together. Eric’s taste is magnificent and the lines of our house are exceptionally beautiful. Eric did a great job advocating for us in several situations and making sure we made sensible and aesthetic decisions in all circumstances. He did a beautiful job. I can’t say enough good things about Eric’s talent, vision, communication competence, and integrity. I feel very fortunate to have worked with him and highly recommend his services to others.

-Seward Park Aerie

Eric Gedney is one of the best

Bottom line: as a contractor who has worked with many architects Eric Gedney is one of the best I’ve worked with. Here’s why:

1) Eric places the highest priority on serving his clients needs first. He has nothing to prove and no ego that needs constant stroking.

2) Eric is highly personable and is a great listener – he also has a wry sense of humor that makes his projects fun to be a part of. He works hard to establish a good connection with his clients and has an amazing ability to translate client wishes – even odd ones – into build-able reality.

3) Eric understands the importance of collaboration and team building and seeks to build the team early in the process. Contractors can easily be marginalized in this relationship and its not uncommon for them to be made the “bad guy” especially as costs grow with design. Eric listens and even defers to contractor input and will revise his plans to accommodate.

4) Eric has a great sense of design, scale, proportion, balance, flow and style which of course is important in an architect. But Eric also possesses a clear understanding of “real life played out in a space”. Nothing frivolous, rather, there is a purpose for everything even if the purpose is just to create a deeply personal statement which sums up the clients taste and style. Further, nothing Eric does is run-of-the-mill everything is custom tailored to support the clients desires.

5) Finally, Eric can design to meet budget requirements and even though compromise may hurt he is able to scale a project down to help it get built (he is also happy to scale it up!). This is a very important trait in an architect as many projects in our industry die after design and clients are left with a really nice project that will never be built.

A final word of advice to potential clients: when Eric suggests you choose your contractor early on in the process – do it! This is the best way to ensure your project hits your budget goals and building the team early pays off in many remarkable ways.

-Matt Hesselgrave

We recommend him without reservation.

We chose Eric for the design of our retirement home and have never regretted it. Eric was thoughtful in his design, listening to us and learning how we live so he could design the home we wanted, not what he wanted. We asked for a home where we could age in place, and he delivered. We asked for a home with clean lines and great architectural detail – he delivered. He was considerate of our budget and we ended up with a superb home. It is comfortable, inviting, and it is us. While I know Eric loves century old homes, we can attest he is also in his element designing a completely new home. We are still in touch with Eric, even though we moved into our home in 2010. Recommend him without reservation.

– South Sound Splendor

We have been extremely pleased with Eric’s thoughtful design

of our dream retirement home. He listens carefully and responds accordingly, keeping us on track with his expertise. We are very happy with our home design and recommend him highly.
-Elegance on Beaver Lake


Eric is a consummate professional with a clear mastery of design, beauty, functionality, and quality. He is patient, embraces the client’s necessary process of growth and change, and listens with an open mind. His ability to work with the contractors and convey both our design sensibility and our project needs (including budget) was exemplary. We couldn’t be more pleased.

-Colin & Karen Preston

Eric designed a remodel for our waterfront property

Eric designed a remodel for our waterfront property and the 1928 historic section of our home, integrating a new modern kitchen, a stunning master suite, and an infinity edge pool. We are delighted with the results.

-Coastal Stunner

Eric is a talented architect

Eric is a talented architect who can listen to your wants and desires. He translates these to detailed drawings that DO NOT require the general contractor to be perpetually calling for clarity/explanation/ or to request structural changes.

Eric visits our job sites often. He mingles with owner/management/and labor treating all with honesty and respect. These qualities show us that he is part of the team and not aloof and untouchable.

Honesty, integrity and quality work is Eric’s life style! Kudos !!

Alan Scott – General Contractor

Blended Perfectly

Eric Gedney’s design of our home addition blended perfectly with the existing home so that the addition isn’t obvious. His skill in creating the right blend of natural and electric lighting provides a lift in our mood. The efficient use of space and excellent floor plan created a comfortable and roomy feel to our home.
-Glen & Heather Owen