Eric Gedney, Architect specializes in residential homes and remodels. He works in a wide range of styles, from classic to contemporary. Eric's unique focus is updating classic homes from the early 1900s, and other similar styles. He has respect for the feel of the original house and the neighborhood, and this combination of flexible and classic design makes him unique among custom home architects.

He is passionate about making architecture accessible and cost-effective. He has a lot of experience acting as a liaison between you and the contractor to keep expectations and reality within feasible reach of each other. Because Eric understands that designing or remodeling your own home can be an intimidating undertaking, he has created four different service packages to help you navigate the design process. You can choose how informed and involved you’d like to be, and he is always glad to break things down into a more understandable format.

Design Philosophy

1The Design is About You:
EGA believes in a client-focused approach. After all, it’s the home you will live in after the project is long-finished. The key to this approach is understanding your priorities. EGA knows that this means we must be excellent listeners, that we need to respect your needs, and incorporate your preferences into the final arrangements. Our design style will certainly come through in the final product, but the house will be yours.
2EGA Is Your Advocate:
EGA is here to serve your best interests throughout the process of design and construction. Sometimes this means acknowledging up front that it would be better to move than to remodel. Other times, this means sifting through the various Municipal Codes to find an exemption that allows the project to proceed. Very often, this means translating “construction language” into common English. We help you navigate the drama of the construction process, so that you can move smoothly toward the finish.
3Context Is So Important:
No design stands independent from the context that surrounds it. The location and orientation of your property provides valuable information for us in order to create a solution that is appropriate to the scale and character of the existing neighborhood. By emphasizing clean, classic lines, abundant natural light, balanced spaces and smooth flow, EGA produces homes that are innovative and appropriate, both now and into the future.
4Teamwork Is Best:
EGA spends the time to ensure we are part of a well-fitted team with good relationships between the client, the contractor and the designers. We understand that each member of this team has the expertise to contribute. We diligently promote good communication among the members of this team, and find ways to incorporate the wisdom each of us brings to the project. If you do not have a contractor in mind, EGA can suggest several with whom we have an ongoing relationship.
5It's All About Flow:
When designing spaces, our first focus is on good flow. When you are able to move around your home with gracious ease, when you feel as though the rooms are laid out just as they were meant to, we have done our job well. We make sure spaces are ordered in way that is useful to you, as well as take advantage of the light and other unique aspects of your property. Once proper attention has been paid to the organization of spaces, the rest of the design tends to come together more easily.
6Let's Have Fun:
Though the process can be more than a bit daunting, it is also very exciting! We relish the moment when you are able to step into the finished product of a home that you’ve made into your very own. This motivates us throughout the project. EGA wants you to LOVE your home and brings energy and a positive attitude to all the phases of your project.