Standard Raised

The owners of this classic Seattle home set out to raise their living standard. To do this, the project started by literally raising the structure and moving it 5 feet closer to the street. This small shift allowed a large change in lifestyle including... a full height basement with a media room, an attached tandem garage and a cozy family room. The clients also gained a larger backyard, an outdoor sitting room with fireplace and additional parking in the rear.

Homes in 1903 were often not built with garages. In order to keep the classing look of the house from the street, we took cues from the 20s and 30s and buried the double length garage into the site. Working with the City of Seattle Permitting, we were allowed an exception to the land use code and added this unusual and valuable garage.

Personal touches were incorporated throughout the interior. One of the original lattice windows was repurposed as door to the wine cellar adding continuity and charm to this space. The washer and dryer were moved to the top floor and are tucked away out of site in the landing area behind a gorgeous barn door. Lighting and niches were designed to show off an extensive art collection. Every area of the house was remodeled and brought to a high standard indeed.

Before and After


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